Candidate for the position of Academic Board Nominee

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Alison Eyden

I am currently serving as the Academic Board Staff Governor. I started my term as a governor when I was relatively new to my role as Director of Learning and Teaching.  Since that time, my knowledge and experience in my own role, and that as a governor, has grown considerably.  I have engaged fully in governing body meetings and attended development opportunities (training and awaydays). I have found my time as a governor to be very rewarding, it has given me the opportunity to engage with the work of the university in a very different way and allowed me to use my knowledge and skills to challenge, inform and support. It has also given me the opportunity to feed into governor development around our key strategic priorities. For example, I presented the Closing our Gap work at a governor awayday which received positive feedback and assurances from other governors that we were responding well to the challenges.  I was recently part of a sub-group who reviewed the governor articles and associated procedures. I felt confident inputting to this work and provided feedback and suggestions that were subsequently actioned. 

In relation to the Governor Skills and Experience Framework I have been able to bring to the Governing Body the communication and interpersonal, teamworking and stakeholder engagement skills from my previous roles in a faculty, and my current role as Director or Learning and Teaching. I am confident in providing a degree of challenge within the spirit of collaborative team-working.  My role requires me to demonstrate focussed, strategic leadership around key agendas such as retention and enabling positive student outcomes. I employ the same leadership skills as Chair of Governors at a primary school, a role that has also been hugely rewarding and has given me very useful insight into a different stage of education.

My role is broad, covering learning and teaching, retention, student success, and student engagement, I actively engage with an extensive network of colleagues across the University and keep in touch with a wide range internal and external developments. As such, as we move towards developing a new strategic plan for the university, I am well positioned in my role to influence and shape the direction of travel for the work of the Governing Body.

Learning and Teaching is at the heart of our student experience. Being an Academic Board member allows me not only to bring forward new initiatives, but also to challenge and probe the wider student experience.  I have, and would continue to, bring this same perspective to the Governor role.

I am keen to be re-elected because I am passionate about driving improvements in student retention and success, and as a governor I would be able to inform and support these agendas at different levels within the university. As with all roles, there is always more to learn, and I am fully committed to undertaking training and development in order for me to make the best, most effective contribution that I can.