Candidate for the position of Professional Services Staff Governor

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Julian Faber

It has been the greatest honour of my working life to represent Professional Services colleagues for the past four years at the Governing Body.  I am standing again for a further (and if successful, final) four year term to build on the experiences gained and continue to contribute on behalf of colleagues.

The Challenges of the past year have been met robustly while maintaining a sharp focus on the welfare of our staff and students.  Despite the unexpected financial burden (in addition to our ongoing planned investment in the campus) we are currently in a better overall position than expected, and also much better than many other universities.  As we continue our recovery it’s essential that staff welfare continues to be a high priority.  I believe that happy and contented staff result in happier and more highly achieving students.  We as Professional Services staff have an important part to play in supporting the functions of the University, and having those vital activities recognised and acknowledged is valuable in maintaining a positive atmosphere.  We can achieve great things as supported, and supportive colleagues who care about the job we’re doing, the colleagues we work with, the students, and the University.

I ask for your confidence once again to allow me to represent all Professional Services staff.

Julian Faber